Every decision counts

Why today is THE most important day in your life

Most people treat each day like it’s a given…. oh well, there will be another one tomorrow. What if there wasn’t? It was all the other days just like today that lead you to where you are right now. Today and every day is important. It was all the decisions, thoughts, actions, opportunities that you did…

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choose to fly

Choose to Fly

Do you deep down ever have moments where you feel not good enough, your nose is wrong, your hair doesn’t work, wondering how those other mums just seem to throw their hair up and rock up to the school still looking hot yet you feel like you’ve just been dragged under a bus? Do you…

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have courage

Ask For What You Want

I live by the motto “if you don’t ask you don’t get”- really what’s the very worse thing that could happen? You get a NO… big deal… next move on. So many people let no’s stop them dead in their tracks… the more things you actually ask for the chances of the YESs are increased…

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Abundant Affirmation

I am Abundant & Happy Right Now

Last night on a Skype I think I got one of the most enlightened lessons ever…. I was fortunate to get to experience a creation being born in absolute flow so ORGANICALLY, it was a moment when I realized 10 years of work, success and struggle had all lead to that very moment…. It wasn’t…

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website or blog kat heart

Which is better? A Website or a Blog?

I see this question come up a lot! Which is better a website or a blog? WordPress is a website building platform that is also a blog and this is generally what causes the confusion. You have the option of whether to use that blog or not. There is also free and paid WordPress –…

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Jess - left - start of kindy and right start of preschool. 1 year made a huge difference.

5 Tips to Enjoy Your Kids Around Your Biz and Stay Sane

You know how they say you’ll have your kids and you’ll just “take to it like a duck to water” – this was absolutely not true for me. I felt more entrepreneur than Mum, doing my ‘job’ felt much easier than raising a child; however in my defence it took me until she was 3…

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over it

Are You OVER It?

You’re so frickin’ OVER IT!!! “You spend too much time on the computer…. when are you going to actually make some money?” “Is that internet stuff working yet?” “why don’t you just go get a job” Patronising. Patronising. Patronising. They carry on as if you can just turn on a computer and make it spit…

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you attract what you are

Attract What You Want

It’s impossible to attract high energy “things” from a low level vibration, this means you need to stop yourself ‘trying’ to get what you ‘want’ from a space of lack and scarcity. You need to be aligned with the energy of what you want to allow it to come in. That means, live like you…

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get connected

Keep It Simple

Is your guardian angel sitting on your shoulder right now looking like this… because you’re just not getting it? You’ve been at this for a while now, your income isn’t anywhere near where you want it to be and you’re trying SO FREAKIN’ HARD to pull it all together? Do you have about 100 pieces…

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selling online kat heart

Introduction to Selling On-line and On-line Marketing

Well hello there! Getting on-line can be completely confusing and what I see happen a lot is ladies rush out and create products and then wonder why they hear crickets… no sales, no customers just crickets. It’s completely disheartening. To get a grasp of what’s involved I’ve made you this video. Enjoy! Please leave any…

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