Everybody deserves to live the life they choose...not the one society thinks they should have - Kat Heart

Hi there and welcome to my site!

I'm Kat and I have an insane passion for helping Women create their freedom. I take a holistic approach to building your own "Freedom Empire" sharing with you 10+ years of on-line marketing & biz building experience. Through my work it is my aim to help you learn how to activate abundance throughout all areas of your life.

I help people understand money and abundance as an energy. Something that is not just for the lucky who were born into it or who have figured out a magic formula to make their own wealth.

I'm a solo Mama from Western Australia; I spent most of my life chasing money, I decided I wanted to be rich at 8, took my first job at 11 and then in my twenties devoured everything I could to learn how to make my money work for me. Shortly after my daughter was born my partner fell ill, we separated and I found myself on my own, with a new born baby losing everything I worked for throughout my life.  It was the BEST thing that ever happened to me and I share the story here.

I launched my first business Women's Web Marketing in 2009 because I was being approached by so many local Women wanting to grow their business on-line who were stuck and frustrated. Many had lost a lot of money in their pursuit of creating a reliable income stream, losing several thousands on websites that didn't work, marketing that wasn't right and coaching that was over priced and didn't deliver. I've since been helping Women launch and grow their businesses on-line and I would love to help you.

If you would like assistance or guidance get in touch here.


Building Business's Fuelled By Heart & Soul

Kat Heart is your resident intuitive On-line Marketing & soul coach helping you to discover how to use the Internet to develop a freedom based business that you can run from wherever you want on your own terms. Kat has an extensive history with creating on-line business profiles and sales funnels and will show you how to take what it is you do and build a profitable presence and business on-line. Kat offers:

  • Websites that work
  • 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring
  • Facebook Ads Training
  • Sales Funnel construction
  • Web Profit Consults - discover where your website is letting you down
  • Activate Abundance sessions - get unstuck and move forward with clarity and
  • Business Expansion sessions

Contact Kat for more information and to discuss your situation here.

Your On-line Marketing Reference Guide

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